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How To Play:

Use WASD for the movement, collect resources, attack enemies and build stuff using the left mouse. Press the right mouse button or Esc to unselect. Change weapons using Q, press B/P for the shop menu and party menu, respectively. 


Zombs.io unblocked is a battle royale game about fighting against waves of zombies. You can now play Zombs.io online for free to experience fascinating yet tough challenges. To become a true survivor, you must get through all the waves of zombies and fight them off using your resources with good strategies. Before the battle commences, make sure you already pick up some resources and create a base on a strategic area that has stones and trees. Then, you start making the gold stash, place some walls with defensive weapons around it to secure the defense. When the night comes, the zombies will prowl around the map and come to kill you. Make use of your weapons to defeat them before they have a chance to attack your base. Don't forget to work with other friends so you can have a better chance of surviving. Are you ready? Enjoy Zombs.io free online!

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